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9 IN 1 Music Centre with CD – CD recording, twin tape deck with recording and MP3 encoding. DAB Radio & Bluetooth Transmit/ Receive.

Product Information

The Steepletone Britannia is a modern modular music system, which enables you to play music in 9 different ways, using just one music system.

You can listen to music in a variety of ways, such as; CD, cassette, DAB+/FM radio, Bluetooth playback, USB, vinyl, MP3 and AUX IN (3.5mm stereo jack, link to Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptop Computers, iPhone and other Audio Items, MP3 Players, etc).

The Britannia’s main purpose is to be a multi recording centre for your vinyl, CD’s and Cassettes. With the touch of a button you are able to create recordings of different music formats onto a blank CD, Cassette or MP3 format. No computer or external software is needed, it all happens within the Britannia system.

So if you needing to digitise your Vinyl or cassette collection to be able to listen in the car or put them on your smart phone, or maybe you want to make a mix CD of your favourite tracks from an old vinyl, CD or cassette then this is the machine for you!

Other great features of the Britannia include, DAB radio, FM radio, Bluetooth receiving for smart phone music streaming. Bluetooth Transmitting is also available to allow you to connect to an external Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones.


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