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6 IN 1 Music Centre with CD – CD recording, twin tape deck with recording and MP3 encoding.

Product Information

The Steepletone CAPITOL allows you to play music in 6 different ways using just the 1 music system. Listen to your favourite music any way you like, including: CD, vinyl, cassette, USB, Aux and MP3.

One of the key features of the Steepletone CAPITOL is the ability to make your own CDs, using the twin CD drawers and one button CD recording, including track separation technology.

You can record your favourite music from vinyl, CD, cassette or Aux to CD or USB MP3. You’ll also love the equalizer button to increase both low frequencies (bass) and high.

In addition, the Steepletone CAPITOL features a 3-speed turntable with flip over stylus, auto-stop switch and a lid cover to keep your vinyl’s clean. The music system includes a cool-blue LED backlight LCD display, with twin 15w stereo speakers and a remote control.

Finally, you can even connect a subwoofer T–012 to the system via its 3. 5mm dia subwoofer jack to enhance the overall sound quality, especially the bass sounds. You can also keep all of your vinyl’s clean and in perfect working condition with the Steepletone SBSK8 Record Cleaning Kit.

Finished in a contemporary black with silver front design.


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