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5 In 1 Music Centre with DAB radio, twin tape deck and encoding.

Product Information

Steepletone Chicago Recordable 5–in–1 Music Centre with Bluetooth connection and DAB Radio. This unique 5–in–1 music system offers users five main features that make it stand out when compared with other devices.

First and foremost, the NEW Chicago has a 3 speed pro deck style turntable with pitch control and strobe Illuminator, allowing you to play vinyl records with quality and precision. The system has two cassette decks where you can play your cassettes and record a mix tape too!

The Manual tuner makes it possible for you to tune into AM/FM radio stations without any hassle, but also the DAB digital radios allows you to access even more stations.

Of course, modern listeners can also use the Chicago, as the device comes equipped with a full function CD player plus an SD/MMC socket and a USB 2. 0 port.

This means playing MP3 and WMA files in this system will not be a problem at all, but also digitise your old Vinyl , Cassette and CD with the touch of a button!


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