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Retro table top mini Jukebox with CD, Radio, Bluetooth, MP3 and Installed with Amazon Alexa Dot (gen 2)

Product Information

Bring your music to life with this all-singing, all-dancing miniature Jukebox.

An eye-catching addition to any home, it’s a must have for anyone who eats, sleeps and drinks music!

Compact and retro style, it looks great in any room – from a living room or study to a kitchen.

The Jukebox may look like it has stepped out of another era, but it is packed with all the modern technology from today.

It is the first ever Jukebox to have the Amazon Alexa Function built in.

With the Amazon Alexa Dot (gen 2) built into the CD door it means you have access to all the amazing features of the Alexa, including voice control as well as all the existing features of the mini Jukebox.

By lifting off the magnetic circular panel on the front you can access the cool vertical loading CD player – as well FM radio, MP3 playback (UBS AND SD) AUX socket and Bluetooth playback.

The sound is impressive with powerful built-in speakers delivering a warm natural sound.

It delivers an impressive light show with LED tube lighting around the side, which scrolls through 7 different neon colours that you can set to move with the beat.

It’s the perfect combination of retro styling and modern tech, giving you the best of both worlds..


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