Honey Rum – Beeble Swarm (50cl)


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The most recent addition to the Beeble Spirit collection

Delicate floral notes from the honey, perfectly complemented by the smooth finish and earthy sweetness from the sophisticated golden rum

The journey of our rum begins in the Fair-Trade sugarcane fields of Trinidad, where the sugarcane is fermented and distilled into a world-renowned Caribbean Rum. After the rum lands on UK shores it’s turned a beautiful gold when blended with our single source honey

Product Information

30% VOL
Made in Wiltshire
Winner of a Great Taste Award 2022

Not for under 18s

Best Serve

• Best enjoyed over ice.

• Alternatively, mix with ginger ale for a refreshing cocktail.

• Check out our cocktail page for more inspiration.

The Story of Beeble Swarm

It was a calm and tranquil evening as Captain Anthophila and his crew set sail for the Isle of Melita with their cargo of Rum. As they sailed off into the horizon, the sun began to fall and the night sky gradually faded into darkness. The silhouettes of the crew eventually disappeared and Anthophila and his men were never caught sight of again.

A few days later, a mysterious ship drifted into the bay at Melita. As the ship slowed and docked, a colony of bees swarmed out of the ship over the bewildered Melitians. The bravest Melitians boarded the ship to find the rum in the cargo glowing gold, Rum that tasted like nothing they had tried before.


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