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Retro Style Record Player with Bluetooth, MP3 Encoding and CD

Product Information

If you love the style of the 60s, you’ll definitely love the Roxy 4 BT Record Player.

This retro style music system is an eye-catching piece that’s great anywhere within your home.

This Roxy 4 BT model is a 4–in–1 music centre that has an MP3 playback and recorder; radio; and CD.

It also has other innovative features that make this a modern music player despite its vintage look. You will find a 3 – speed 33/45/78 RPM turntable tucked under a hinged lid; MW – FM PLL radio; a full – function drawer type CD player with infrared remote control; encoding and recording music from vinyl records and CDs into MP3 format via USB device or SD card; and USB 2. 0 port and SD card slot for the MP3.

The Roxy 4 unit also has aux In 3. 5mm jack (play MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, iPads etc).

The newest feature of the latest version of the Roxy is Bluetooth, allowing you to connect and play music via your smart phone or tablet thought the record player its self.

The Steepletone Roxy 4 USB CD Encode MP3 Record Player also comes with remote control and has innovative capabilities that make it sound great.

It has a subwoofer socket; 3. 5mm dia. earphone socket; extension speaker sockets; multi-function LCD display; and built-in amplifier and 2×5 watts Stereo speakers. This music machine is powered by 230V Mains [50Hz].

You can even connect a Subwoofer to the system via its 3. 5mm dia subwoofer jack to enhance the overall sound quality especially the bass sounds. The additional Steepletone T–010 Subwoofer can also be purchased from our retailers.


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